La vie en Rose De Clara

Hy guys!

In this Web page I´m going to talk about music.
Nowadays, there are a lot of types of music,but I'm going to talk
about my favourite style of music and my favourite singers.
I hope You'll enjoy it!
The Beatles

At first, I'm going to talk about "The Beatles"

When I was young I heard them for the first time becuase my father gift my
mother their disc and I really love them! In fact, I got hold the disc and
I put it in all the trips in car that We made.
I like their music because I think is lively and also quiet, you can throw
a party with "Twist and shout" or relax with"Here comes the Sun" or "Yesterday"
If you want to know anything else about "The Beatles", you can
click in the image and found information about them!  

Now I'm going to talk about "A Great Big World"
I discovered them recently,when I was in Twitter.
My cousin an I have similar likes in music, so when
she tweet a song,I always listen it, and this time I
really like the son. It's call "Already home"
and It's very beautiful. The other songs are really good too
but that one and "You'll Be Okay" are my favourites.
If you click in the following link, you will find information
about this group!
A Great Big World


Well, you may think that I only like bands, but it's not, I also like
solo artist like Bruno Mars

I, sincerely, don't know when was the first time that I listened to Bruno Mars,
but what I know is that I love it and I have really good memories whit his songs
I remember that I had a dance with "Marry you" and now, everytime
I listen that song I remember us dancing and doing dumb things, it was so funny!
And also, when I listend him I remember one oof my friends that love Bruno. He is
a great singer!
If you want to know somethings about him, you can click on the photo!